Levitra Generic (Vardenafil)

Levitra is one of several chief remedies against erectile dysfunction, next to Viagra and Cialis. Levitra’s main ingredient is called Vardenafil, a compound that entered production in 2003, about 7 years after Viagra first came out. Although it’s newer and less well-known, it has several unique qualities that make it superior in some ways.

Its main effect is that it relieves erectile dysfunction for several hours. There isn’t really a cure for this condition, but ED drugs such as Levitra are effective at restoring this bodily function temporarily. It doesn’t improve this condition in the long term, meaning you should take it immediately before intercourse.


Levitra is the brand name of Vardenafil, which is essentially the only active ingredient in these tablets. It’s mostly produced by Bayer, although there are generic versions that are cheaper and just as effective. The other big producer is GSK, which sells this compound in many countries, often under different names, such as Vivanza.

In its nature, the active ingredient is similar to the previously discovered Sildenafil (Viagra). In fact, the research was practically kicked off when Viagra proved to be an effective and safe (albeit temporary) solution against ED. The research was conducted throughout the 90s, and the product received its patent in 2003.


Erectile dysfunction remedies aren’t particularly affordable, at least not in their usual form. In the US, a Levitra tablet can cost up to $50, although there are options as cheap as $10. Regardless, it’s pretty costly, and a single package can end up worth over a thousand dollars.

What about Generic Levitra?

Generic Levitra is a variety of regular Levitra that goes by its original name, Vardenafil. It’s essentially a non-brand variation of this drug, created by other companies, not Bayer. It doesn’t mean they are particularly worse, but it does mean they are cheap. Generic Levitra is largely just as effective.

Generic Levitra is commonly found in Canada and other countries outside of the USA. A regular price for such a tablet is often lower than $1, commonly at around $0.8. It makes them very affordable and allows you to save hundreds of dollars on this essential medicine.

Main Effects

Like its cousins, Levitra works by inhibiting certain proteins that populate the blood vessels within the genital area. At times, they become overly stimulated and grow too much, partially blocking the blood flow in there. Considering that an erection requires large amounts of blood, it makes it hard or even impossible for you to have it.

Vardenafil returns them to their normal condition for several hours, making circulation in that area easier and, thus, restoring your ability to get a fully-fledged erection. So, it’s not a magic pill that increases libido, nor does it bring any particular health issues with it. For a relatively healthy human being, there are very few such consequences.

Generic Levitra Characteristics

Compared to Viagra, the main benefit of Levitra is that it lasts longer and takes effect faster. It usually needs about 30 minutes to fully take effect, compared to Viagra’s 60 minutes. It’s still prudent to take it a bit earlier, as everyone has their own tolerances and absorption rates.

As for duration, Levitra typically lasts 4-6 hours, as opposed to Viagra’s typical 4 hours. It doesn’t seem like a big difference, but considering that this increased duration comes at no additional cost when it comes to adverse effects, it’s a really good deal. As such, Levitra occupies a middle spot between Viagra’s 4 hours and Cialis’ 36 hours.

Taking  Generic Levitra

Levitra comes in several tablet dosages, including 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. With this in mind, the usual dose of Levitra ranges between 2,5mg and 20mg respectively. It seems like a relatively harmless drug, but you’re positively advised against exceeding this norm. Levitra overdose is still uncomfortable.

It shouldn’t be taken more than once a day, and splitting a dose into two on the same day is off-limits. However it goes, you can take another dose only 24 hours later. Also, remember that Levitra doesn’t have any residual effects, meaning that taking it every day doesn’t bring any additional benefits.

Another big advantage of Levitra is that it works well enough with food and alcohol. Viagra, by comparison, should be taken on an empty stomach because food makes it less effective. Levitra doesn’t have this problem. Moreover, you can drink while taking it, which is a big upside considering the drug’s application.

Adverse Effects

Levitra also has famously fewer adverse effects, making it an overall more pleasant experience. Viagra isn’t particularly uncomfortable and certainly not dangerous when it comes to adverse effects. However, Levitra is even less unpleasant in this regard. It still has several prominent side effects that might occur, even if rarely.

Some of the more common problems include headaches and dizziness, as well as some nose problems and skin flushing. These are typically less frequent and milder compared to Viagra’s, although the latter generally has a similar palette of adverse properties.

Levitra doesn’t really cause temporary vision or hearing loss, as Viagra does in rare cases. Nonetheless, severe Levitra side effects do include increased sensitivity to light, hazed vision, and trouble distinguishing colors. It’s certainly better, although also uncomfortable. That being said, these are pretty rare.

It’s possible to get overdosed with Levitra. Although the symptoms aren’t particularly nasty – you generally just get muscle pain, back pain, and guaranteed trouble seeing – it’s still best avoided. So, you should absolutely stick to your norm: no more than 20mg of Vardenafil a day.


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