Silagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Impotence, frequently identified as erectile dysfunction, is a common affliction in today’s world. Unfortunately, at some juncture, sexual complications are bound to affect every third man. Actually, men of all ages, beginning around the age of 30, might experience ED difficulties. The reasons can be really different, starting from the high stress level to the serious health problems, but there always exists one decision, and that’s Silagra.

Silagra is a common medication that is as effective as Viagra. These are PDE5 inhibitors, which include the medication sildenafil as the active component. Sildenafil promotes blood flow into the penis, while you are sexually stimulated, by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis. It functions by reducing PDE5 and boosting the corpus cavernosum’s production of NO (nitric oxide). The medication’s primary advantage is that it may be given 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity, and its effects persist for over 4 hours. Obviously, it’s impossible to get an erection without stimulation. Also, this medication is not recommended for women or men before age 18.

Products details

Brand name Silagra
Form Tablets
Composition Sidenafil
Shelf Life 3 years
Country India

Indications for use and contradictions of Silagra

This medication is only suggested for impotent males or men with serious erectile dysfunction symptoms. Women will be allowed to purchase it for their partners, although it is not advised for minors under the age of 18 and they still won’t be able to purchase the drug at pharmacies. It is also not advised for men who should not have sex for health reasons, such as those with major cardiovascular conditions. As a general rule: men who begin to suffocate when performing simple physical exercises — for example, when climbing the stairs — should not take the drug for erectile dysfunction.

Aging is one of the main reasons why potency gets worse. However, a variety of causes, including inadequate sleep, ongoing stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, chronic illnesses, etc., can cause ED troubles. The sum of these elements can result in substantial potency issues and a drastically worse quality of life. You must understand that only a professional, taking into account all the variables and the patient’s anamnesis, could identify the stage of ED and provide the necessary course of treatment with the appropriate dose.

The main indicators that you need to visit an urologist include a very fast ejaculation, diminished sexual drive, and difficulty achieving and maintaining a strong enough erection for sexual activity. It’s not necessarily a concern if you sometimes have erection issues, but if they continue, it may be stressful, make you feel insecure, and make your relationships more difficult. An underlying medical condition that has to be treated might manifest as difficulties getting or keeping an erection, which can also be a risk factor for heart disease.

Silagra at Urology Specialty Group

It is possible to buy Silagra from Urology Group, but you won’t find it on the shelf like aspirin. You must speak with the pharmacist and ask him to give you the medication. The pharmacist will then ask you a number of questions to ensure that taking the medication won’t be detrimental to you, and he will also respond to any queries you may have. You can also go to the consultation rooms, which are available in most pharmacies. Moreover, you can always consult online, and the pharmacist’s support manager will answer all your questions.

The price of the medication differs depending on the dosage form and quantity of pills on the box. For example, Silagra 100 mg 20 tablets can be found for $24.00 in the USA and $32.99 in Canada. It’s legal to buy Silagra online, but bear in mind that you should only use reliable resources to make your order. Otherwise, it’s possible that Silagra has no active component at all or contains Sildenafil in hazardous or inefficient amounts. As a result, it is impossible to trust Silagra to work.


When talking about the dosage and maximum daily dose of the active component, everything depends on your health condition. The necessary treatment course should be prescribed only by your doctor.

Usually, the prescribed daily dose is 50 mg 30–120 minutes before sex, but if side effects are vivid, the dose can be reduced to 25 mg. Although, in some cases, it is possible to increase the dose up to 100 mg. With the help of Silagra 100mg, the veins around the penis become more flexible, allowing for proper blood flow and enabling the treatment of erectile dysfunction, making the erection firm.

It’s not recommended to take more than one pill per day. In the case of an overdose, severe side effects could be observed. If you notice any adverse effects after taking the pill, it’s necessary to go to the emergency department or contact your doctor.


Some people hesitate buying Silagra, as it is the only generic of the world-famous “blue pill” medications, also known as Viagra. But it’s important to remember that generics are sometimes even better than initial products, as they can have fewer side effects and are more available. The Silagra active ingredient aids in dilating blood vessels, boosting blood flow to the penis, and causing an erection in response to sexual stimulation. But it is necessary to take into account that the drug itself may not cause an erection if there is no natural attraction to the partner.

The medicine is produced in the form of pills, as was previously indicated. It is recommended to take the tablet with enough water. Regardless of meal consumption, it can be taken at any time. It’s possible to take Silagra pills with or without meals, although if you have recently had some fatty food and then take the tablet, the impact can be delayed. For this reason, it is preferable to eat a light meal and drink just a little quantity of alcohol before taking the medication. It might be challenging to get an erection while drinking a lot of alcohol. You should not combine Silagra drugs with grapefruit. As it can reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Even with the erectile boosters, you could require multiple tries if you haven’t had an erection in a while.

Risks and risk factors

As with any other kind of drug, silagra has its side effects. Actually, they are usually not very severe. The most common are headache, arterial hypertension, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, cephalgia, drowsiness, and dizziness. Sometimes the following side effects can be observed: an irregular or fainting heartbeat, eye issues (a violation of the perception of color shades in which a person begins to see everything in blue tones), facial flushing, and hot flushes.

Stop taking the drug and seek urgent medical attention if you experience such serious side effects as:

  • pain in the chest area,
  • sudden deterioration or complete loss of vision,
  • an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, wheezing, swelling of the lips, eyelids, or entire face),
  • seizures or loss of consciousness.

With caution, Silagra is prescribed to patients with liver or kidney failure, and with long-term therapy, a regular study of the blood flow pattern is demanded.

Interactions with other medications and chemicals

A combined interaction between sildenafil and different medications or other drugs is possible. It is not advisable to use Silagra together with medications from other pharmacological classes used to treat erectile dysfunction.

It is exceedingly dangerous to combine Silagra with nitrate emergency medications for heart discomfort, such as Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide Dinitrate, and Isosorbide Mononitrate, since this can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, fainting, and impeded blood flow.

These other drugs may interact with Silagra:

  • pharmaceuticals to treat prostate diseases,
  • blood pressure-lowering antihypertensives,
  • antifungal medications (such as ketoconazole or itraconazole),
  • and antiviral medications to treat HIV/AIDS.

Not all drugs that could interact with Silagra are included here. Please speak with your doctor or pharmacist for full information on this medication.

When buying Silagra, list to the pharmacist all the medicines you take on a regular basis. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of some disease, for example, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, so if the problem persists. After six months of taking ED treatment, you should consult a doctor.

FAQs about Silagra

What are the alternatives to Silagra?

Of course, Silagra is not the only product for ED treatment. There exist a great number of different inhibitors that boost erection and help men stay sexually active as long as possible, The most popular alternatives are Viagra, Lavitra, Tadalafil, Cialis, etc.

What if the erection lasts too long?

There are rare cases when men taking this drug have reported painful or excessively long erections lasting more than 4 hours. If this has happened to you, contact your doctor immediately.

Does Silagra help women boost sexual arousal?

Silagra must not be taken by women. This medication should be prescribed only for men, over the age of 18.

Is it possible to boost erection without pills?

Actually, if a man faces regular ED problems, it’s impossible to cure the disease without special medications, including Silagra. But there are some tips that will help you maintain sexual activity for many years. Among them:

  • lead healthy lifestyle;
  • regular and adequate physical exercises;
  • lose weight if you are overweight;
  • lead a regular sexual life.

Is it dangerous to miss Silagra dose?

There are no strict schedule for Silagra intake. You should use the medication only before the sexual intercourse. It’s not necessary to take the drug daily.


The information presented in this article is intended for educational purposes exclusively and must not be regarded as a substitute for professional medical counsel. Always consult a qualified healthcare expert before initiating, discontinuing, or modifying any medication or treatment regimen. Utilizing this information is at your own risk,